Family & Community Health

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Lilian Mezquida, M.S.

County Extension Agent- Family & Community Health

Coordinates the Master Clothing Volunteers program.  Oversees a wide array of programs that offer practical information for families raising children, eating well, managing life’s challenges and staying healthy. Programs include: Strengthening Families-Parenting, Youth Development  character education, leadership, Communication Skills; Health Diabetes Management, Cancer Awareness,  Nutrition Education,  Emergency Preparedness;  Better Living for Texans Program and Water Conservation.


FCH News Releases (TAMU)

Upcoming Programs

  • Sewing Class – Check back for new schedule
  • Parenting Schedule – October – Parenting Sessions
  • Anger Management Class Schedule – Check back for new schedule
  • Si Yo Puedo Controlar Mi Diabetes Schedule – Check back for new schedule
  • Food Handlers – Check back for new schedule

These parenting and anger management classes consist of three sessions (consecutive attendance), which will be held on Mondays.
REQUIREMENTS – Must register and pay for classes on Friday prior to class starting, fee is NON REFUNDABLE.
One time fee of $15.00 must be paid with Money Order.
Participants must arrive on time and there are no children allowed.
Address: 1390 W. Expressway 83 San Benito, TX 78586
Venue Phone: 956-361-8236

Additional Programs

‘On the Road to Healthy Living’ Mobile Cooking School

Prevention & Alcohol Awareness

When Sean Speaks Presentation (Sean Carter Story)
At 22, Sean Carter was a college junior out drinking with friends. Sean made a choice that night which changed his life.
When he was ready to call it a night, he simply got a ride with a friend. Unfortunately, his friend had been drinking too.
Just five minutes from the safety of Sean’s apartment, the driver lost control of his truck and slammed into a tree – on the passenger side where Sean was sitting.
Sean’s brain injury left him unharmed mentally but physically no longer able to talk or walk.

Since the crash, Sean and Jenny (mother) have embraced their new mission in life to tell everyone about choices, consequences, and preventable dangers of drinking and driving.
Sean uses his injury and experience as an example to others. When Sean Speaks, Inc:

April 27, 2017- San Benito High School participating in the When Sean Speaks Alcohol Awareness Presentation (below)

April 26, 2017- Riverside Middle School and Veterans Memorial Academy participating in the When Sean Speaks Alcohol Awareness Presentation (below)

April 25, 2017- Berta Cabaza Middle School and Miller Jordan Middle School participating in the When Sean Speaks Alcohol Awareness Presentation (below)

Final Sewing Class: May 31, 2017

Sewing Class: April 18, 2017

 Sewing Class: April 12, 2017 ‘Blanket in a Pillow”

Sewing Class: March 29, 2017



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