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We are a statewide nutrition education program for adults (and kids) who want to learn how to make healthy meals,
improve their physical fitness, save money at the grocery store, grow their own foods, and adopt better food safety habits.
We have offered nutrition education to SNAP participants and program eligible persons in over 200 Texas counties for over 20 years.

Available Programs
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What can BLT do for you? By participating in BLT programs, you can learn how to:

  • Increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Choose foods that are relatively inexpensive and good to eat
  • Make your food dollars last longer
  • Prepare quick, nutritious meals
  • Help your children learn how to eat healthier snacks that they will like

Our program is committed to helping people like you improve your health through providing research-based nutrition education in a friendly cost-free and relaxed atmosphere.

The BLT Curriculum Series offers a broad choice of options to help you live a better, healthier life!

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