4-H & Youth Development

Marco Ponce

Interim County Extension Agent – 4-H Youth Development 

Coordinates the 4-H youth and development program in Cameron County. Provides training for adult and youth volunteer leaders. Provides leadership and support for youth participation in county, district and state 4-H events and activities. Coordinates with County Parents & Leaders Association, County 4-H Council, 4-H Ambassador Program and other youth development organizations & projects. Communicates 4-H program achievements to stakeholder groups and others.

4-H in Cameron County

4-H News and More! 


Discover 4-H –
A compilation of videos that provide insight on available 4-H projects.
If you’re interested in joining 4-H or if you are already in 4-H but are
interested in a specific project please contact our office at (956) 361-8236.




Ag. Product ID Lesson Series




4-H Upcoming Events 

4-H Resources 

4-H Forms 

All documents require Acrobat Reader to view them. Click HERE to download and install the FREE reader. 

An eligibility form is due to your Cameron County Extension Office for ANY and EVERY 4-H event or activity. An original copy of the eligibility form is due one week prior to ANY and EVERY 4-H event or activity.

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