Gardening and Small Farm/Ranch

Jennifer Herrera, M.S.
County Extension Agent-Horticulture

        Provides leadership for an effective educational program (Horticulture) that supports adults and youth development with outcome based programs based on priority issues in Cameron County. Provides leadership to Master Gardener Program in the county. Supports and provides leadership in Master Gardener Association, urban horticulture, special horticulture stakeholder groups and horticulture program area committee. Supports school based curriculum enrichment, such as Junior Master Gardener, Junior Master Naturalist, Water Conservation, Earth-KIND program, Environmental Stewardship programs, works with community-based organizations to effectively link Extension to the citizens in the county.


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Horticulture and Small Acreage Programs

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For issues with South Texas Lawns I always recommend submitting a sample to the Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab (  Analysis often reveals multiple issues, including lesser known fungal pathogens and pests. A proper diagnosis is very important to treat it effectively. Please click for helpful links and Plant Diagnostic Form.


In the Rio Grande Valley we can grow vegetables and herbs throughout the year.
Click to find out more about how to grow vegetables and herb in our unique climate.

Educational resources for South Texas Small Acreage Farmers and Ranchers.
Click for information and resources on starting your small farm operation.
Topics include:
Vegetables, Livestock, Beekeeping, value added, and food preservation etc.

Click here to learn about our Rio Grande Valley native plant species.
Planting natives will help attract local birds and pollinators to your yard.
They are drought tolerate and heat tolerate.

Learn about Earth-Kind Landscaping, Texas Superstars, Roses,
Home Composting, Drip irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting

For information click on the photo to learn all about the subtropical
and tropical fruit trees that grow in our area.

Click on the photo for information and publications
of common insects and pests in the landscape, vegetable garden and home.

Extension entomologists bring you the most current information about insects and related areas such as environmental protection and conservation, integrated pest management (IPM), food and fiber production, urban landscapes and structures, home gardening, agriculture, public health, and much more.
Click here for Entomology links and publications



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